I have yet to be truly excited about the new styles just released following the largest jewellery fair of the year, held annually in Basel.  What was in the past termed as semi-precious have come to the fore as stones of choice and we are seeing a resurgence in the use of yellow gold once again for the newer pieces.

Pink stones remain predominate and often mixed with pearls and diamonds.  I had thought that that would die a death but pink obviously is still a very sought after colour.  I saw many interesting pieces where the mix of colours of the gemstones was redolent of years gone past.  Beaded necklaces and bracelets fought for exposure between pricey diamond pieces, but it appeared to me that the name of the game is now design and innovation and not the bling of the recent years.  One can only welcome that.

Watches for men remain a booming market.  After all what can a man wear in the jewellery line that would be better than a watch.  They are becoming more complicated, that is the mechanisms and dials, and as such proving the ultimate status symbol still.   And of course the beauty of wearing a watch like that, is that very few people will recognise what is being worn.   It is rather like natural pearls; those that know know, and those that don’t don’t!   But the wearer has the pleasure of knowing and wearing the watch, the pearls or whatever.

The fair attracts over 80,000 visitors over the six days it lasts.  Preparation for the following fair start well before the end of the current year and there is enormous vying for the location of choice and alluring presentation.  Overall, it is a fair that is quite unique, as although there are jewellery fairs held all over the world during the year none can compete with Basel for its choice, display and sheer magnetism.

April 2019

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