Coronavirus and selling your goods

The coronavirus pandemic presents all kinds of new challenges and once lockdown is lifted, the effects will continue to unbalance and undermine pricing across the board with regard to antiques, jewellery and fine art.

Prices will almost certainly be quite different post coronavirus, with sale rooms and auction houses needing to clear items quickly in order to generate income, meaning in some cases lower sale prices.

There will be less money in circulation and less money spent on non-essentials, so please don’t be panicked into accepting low offers, or not stating a reserve price at auction.  Also remember that if an item does not reach its reserve, you will still be charged a fee, on top of the cost of listing and photographing your item(s).

Auction houses and antique shops must pay for the rental of their premises, business rates, utilities and staffing, and will not be in a position to pay top fees in a market that is sure to be flooded with items for sale in the current economic climate . A sad situation all round, and I think it will take a few years for the auction market to bounce back to pre-corona levels.

In the meantime, should you have an item to sell, because I offer a direct service, with no middle men and minimal overheads, I feel very well placed to offer good prices, discreet service and immediate payment. Please Contact Me now if you would like a valuation and to discuss a sale.


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