The Cartiers

I have just been reading the wonderful book by Francesca Cartier Brickell who has written about her famous family.  It is titled The Cartiers,  The Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewellery Empire.

Francesca writes movingly and with superb detail and clarity as to the history of the business and the way it has shaped Cartier of today.  She has undoubtedly researched her subject with a care and indeed love that comes from finding out about one’s own family and charts their rise from simple beginnings to one of the leading jewellers in the world and all within living history.  She also very carefully describes the periods of world uncertainty since the beginning of Cartier and how that impacted on the business and its growth

If you are like me fascinated by all aspects of jewellery over the ages, I know you will enjoy the beautifully written book.  Francesca is a great granddaughter of Louis, one of the famous three sons of Louis-Francois Cartier the founder, the others being Pierre and Jacques.  She gave up a career in finance to travel the world in her search for details about her family history, tracking down those connected with her ancestors and discovering long-lost pieces of the puzzle along the way.

I highly commend this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

1st December 2019

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