Why Choose Edward Green?

Having worked at the highest levels of the Jewellery trade for 40 years and consulted for the most prestigious auction houses, my reputation is built on a solid foundation of experience, professionalism, trust, transparency and integrity. As a result, I have one of the largest, exclusive, private contact lists of potential buyers around the globe.

Auction houses charge both the seller and the buyer, and the commission rates can be considerable. On top of that they may charge you for photography and for listing the item.

Trying to find an auction house that is likely to have enough suitable buyers in the room or on the phone, for your particular items is difficult: in an auction, you need a number of interested buyers to bid against each other, or your items may not even reach the reserve price.

No matter where you are in the world, by purchasing items from you directly, I am able to offer better value and a far quicker alternative to submitting your items for auction. Payment is immediate and can take any form you wish. Discretion and security are paramount.

  • I purchase items starting at £500, with no upper limit.

  • I will offer an honest and fair appraisal of the item(s) you wish to sell. Equally, if I feel that the market is weak and that now is not the ideal time to sell, I will tell you so.
  • I do not charge for consultations and I will tell you quickly if I can help.

Read more about How It Works, or please Contact Us now. I would be delighted to hear from you.

** Please click Here for advice about selling items during, and after,  the Covid-19 Restrictions.