Why you need help with estate clearance

House or estate clearance usually comes about when someone moves to a smaller property or when a family member dies. Either way, it is a very difficult time and the larger the house or estate the more stressful and challenging it is for individuals or families to cope on their own.

That’s why you do need help! For a dozen years now, I have been undertaking estate clearances across the UK and abroad. My background in fine arts and jewellery means I have the knowledge to help families make it easy to accomplish what is a difficult task successfully and quickly.

It’s quite common for siblings to try and do the clearance themselves – and it’s totally understandable. People worry that it’s their responsibility. They worry that outsiders won’t be cognisant of the sentimental value of the items; that they won’t take care of them or understand family politics. But in my case, I do and if required will take responsibility. I do have the necessary experience…and I do care! I know what a fraught time it can be and how it can lead to stress between the best of friends and the best of families.

Disposing of the contents of a house or estate throws up many questions. What do you keep; and what’s worth keeping, what do you sell at auction and where; what do you give to charity and which items are unsalvageable? The whole thing can be horribly stressful at a time when you feel quite vulnerable. Take a moment and sit in one room in your house and soon you will realise that all the furniture, antiques, porcelain, paintings, books, soft furnishings, bric-a-brac and photographs are often plentiful and very daunting! Then realising that it doesn’t stop there – that every drawer and sideboard, every cupboard and bureau is also full of things; jewellery, letters, paperwork, crockery, glasses, music, photographs, bits and bobs…it seems like an impossible task. And for most people, it is!

Of course, the key to clearance is letting go. It’s easier said than done! Family members are rarely in a position to be totally objective; there’s too much emotion and memories tied up in every piece. I understand that fully and am there to help and would advise the best course of action for anyone who has the responsibility for a house or estate clearance is to pass that responsibility over to an expert. Experts like myself can provide a full inventory, professionally value each item for you, consult with specialists on items of particular interest, and ensure each item is valued correctly for auction, probate or insurance. We can advise you which pieces to auction and at which particular sale room will earn you the best price. We can, therefore, maximise returns and often find our fees are met through increased receipts for the sale of unwanted furnishings and valuables. We will sort every item and if needed separate and deliver them to family members and recipients nation or worldwide. We can liaise with your legal representatives ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is carried out speedily and efficiently.

So when the time comes, be kind to yourself and your family. Let us experts handle this most delicate of tasks and take the onerous responsibility off your shoulders or the shoulders of loved ones.

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